1. This service is available only to persons 18 years of age or older.
  2. No spamming, trolling or flooding...We donít allow it because  we HATE spammers, trolls, and sporgers.
    • Spamming is posting commercial advertising or off-topic posts on usenet, or substantially identical posts made to different newsgroups.
    • Trolling includes such things as impostering others, or  posting under multiple identities in order to defeat PLONK fliters of other users, or to carry on conversations with yourself.
    • Flooding is posting an excessive volume of posts in any group or groups.

  3. Donít post anything that breaks the law (fuck it) of where you are, of where we are, or of where are servers are. If you do and it comes to our attention while your post is still on our server (after which we have no record of it), we will do whatever the law (fuck it again) says that we must.
  4. We will not release information about our customers to any third parties including law-enforcement and government agencies, without a court order.
  5. You are paying for downloads.  Uploading is a courtesy we extend or deny to subscribers at our own whim and pleasure.  Yes, we believe in free speech, and free speech includes our right for us to manage our servers as we see fit.. If you donít like that, then set up your own frigginí news server!